Unlock Independence with Tailored Support

Independent Supported Living (ISL) Services is the ideal solution for individuals yearning for independence or those finding their current environment unsuitable due to maladaptive behaviors.

Why ISL?

  • Personalized Home Setting: ISL isn’t just a service; it’s a home. Each ISL setup exudes a genuine household vibe, ensuring individuals feel right at home.
  • Professional Care with Respect: With Behavior Intervention Services’ trained staff at the helm, individuals receive the essential care and support they deserve without compromising their individuality.
  • Optimal Living Arrangements: Every individual shares a residence with no more than two roommates, ensuring a non-restrictive environment tailored to individual supervision needs.
  • Consumer-Centric Model: ISL promotes maximum consumer involvement. Training and support are on-site, fostering real-life functional skill development.

Seeking a Residential Service Provider?

Finding the right residential service provider can be challenging but paramount. We recommend starting your journey with a Service Coordinator. For an insightful guide, check out this handbook by the Missouri Department of Mental Health:

Missouri DMH Family Support Page

Questions? Need More Info?

For further details on ISL or inquiries about our program, kindly reach out to our ISL Director at: 📞 314-395-9375