Independent Supported Living (ISL) Services

Independent Supported Living (ISL) Services are a great option for individuals who are reaching an age of independence or those whose level of maladaptive behavior makes living in their current environment an impossibility. This is a non-facility based form of residential habilitation which provides support and training services to an individual in his or her own residence in the community of their choice. ISL allows individuals with even the most severe disabilities the opportunity for community living. Each ISL’s is treated as a “household” and has a true feeling of home! Behavior Intervention Services professionally trained staff provide the care and support that individuals require while concurrently respecting their individuality and personal preferences.

Individuals will share a living arrangement with at least one and never more than two roommates. This ensures that each individual lives in the least restrictive environment possible and receives the level of supervision that he or she requires.

The ISL service model provides consumers maximum involvement in developing and carrying out their habilitation outcomes. Training and support are provided on-site in the home or in the community allowing functional skill development to occur in the real life settings where the skills will be used.

Many hours of thought and research should go into finding a residential service provider for you or your loved one. It may be difficult to find a residential service provider. Your search should begin with you or your loved ones Service Coordinator.  Please click on the link below to find a handbook published by the Missouri Department of Mental Health that we feel is a great resource for those searching for an ISL provider. – 2010-09-24

For more information on ISL development or for questions about our ISL program, please contact our ISL Director at 314-395-9375.