Transforming Lives with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Welcome to Behavior Intervention Services, your trusted partner in the transformative power of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). At its core, ABA is a scientifically-proven approach focused on enhancing positive behaviors and reducing undesired ones, especially in individuals with autism and related disorders.


🌟 Why Choose Us?

Comprehensive Approach: We understand the nuances behind maladaptive behaviors. Our systematic assessment and intervention pinpoint the reasons and develop successful strategies to mitigate them.

Skill Enhancement: While addressing challenging behaviors, we also teach new, age-appropriate skills.

Customized Settings: Our services are delivered in an environment chosen by the family, ensuring that skills are applicable and transferable across all situations.

Expertise Transfer: We train parents and professionals in ABA principles, empowering them to support the individual in every sphere of life.


Our ABA Services:

Functional Assessments

Discrete Trial Training

Intensive Behavioral Intervention

ABA Consultation


Meet Our ABA Consulting Team:

  • Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA): Our BCBAs, certified through the Behavior Analyst Certification Board and licensed in Missouri, bring vast expertise in ABA program design and implementation for those with autism and developmental disabilities.
  • Board Certified Associate Behavior Analysts (BCaBA): Our BCaBAs, also certified and licensed in Missouri, collaborate closely with BCBAs to develop and oversee diverse ABA programs.
  • Registered Behavior Technician (RBT): Our RBTs are skilled professionals with backgrounds in Special Education, Developmental Disabilities, and ABA. They execute the individualized programming or behavior plans under the supervision of a BCBA or BCaBA.


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