Payroll and Billing Procedures

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Payroll and payroll processing is pulled strictly from the entries in Set Works (SW) and all employees are paid each pay period based on the hours entered into the system by each employee, per BIS policies on billable time entry (502 & 502b). Please see current years’ Pay Cycle for specific dates and pay periods.

It is ultimately the responsibility of the employee to enter required documentation for billable time into the Set Works system at Additionally, any problems such as lock out from the system or an inability to complete their daily note must be reported to their site supervisor as soon as possible so that it can be addressed. Any delay in reporting an issue that results in a late note (past the 72 hour window) will be deemed as late and unbillable until the employee has been opened up in the system for the purpose of adding the missing note.

All billable work hours (trainings, meetings, certifications, and direct support time with clients) are required to be put into the SW system ( at the end of any worked shift.

Failure to follow the correct procedure for entering hours worked and corresponding notes for each client within a 72-hour period from the end time of service will render those hours late and they may not be paid on the regularly scheduled pay period.

Any late notes not entered within the required 72-hour period from the end time of service will be paid at Missouri’s current minimum wage.

In order to receive payment for late notes, any employee entering notes will be required to do the following:

  1. Alert the immediate supervisor immediately of the missed note
  2. Email one of the following people to unlock the note: BCBA – DBAS, ISL Director, DayHab- Director
  3. Provide an explanation of why the note was late
  4. Receive feedback for employee file on the late billing
  5. Late notes (and billable time) will be pulled and processed within 16 days of receipt, on the next available payroll cycle.

The first violation of being unable to submit a billable note on time may result in a 1 and final warning. A second violation within 30 days of being unable to submit billable notes on time through the Set Works website may be cause for disciplinary action up to and including termination from the employee’s current position.

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