Orientation Week Training Attendance Cost Policy

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As a newly hired employee of the agency, I understand that I must meet the listed minimum requirements of the position in terms of trainings, certifications, and attendance during Orientation week to be eligible for continued employment. BIS will pay me my current wage as stated in my job offer to receive these trainings and will cover the cost to attend these trainings if my employment remains active and in good standing. If at any time I fail to pass a required course, fail to attend a scheduled training without a 24-hour notice of cancellation, resign my employment with the agency, am terminated from the agency, or request to move to a PRN position*, I am aware that BIS reserves the right recoup the cost of the asterisked (*) trainings up to 90 days past the class date by deducting the current cost of the training from my final paycheck(s). Abuse and Neglect CPR/First Aid* ($100) Blood borne pathogens Orientation Confidentiality agreement Behavior Management classes ($100) HIPAA training Seizure Training Observe, Record and Report Mandt* ($150) Medication Admin-level 1* ($250, $125 recert, but pricing subject to change based on location) I understand that BIS will retain all original documents for my personnel file and these documents are the property of BIS. Should I wish to receive my original documents of certified trainings (CPR/First Aid, Mandt, and Medication Administration only), I may obtain those documents via a written request to the HR Department and payment for the copy. I can request to have the payment deducted from my paycheck or I may bring cash to the office. All employees requesting copies of their certifications will be required to pay the full cost of the class if the request is received prior to 30 days from the date of the class. All other requests for copies after the 30-day mark will be honored for a $5 processing fee. * If employees change their status to PRN before 90 days of employment training copies are not available for an additional 90 days unless the full cost of the class is paid.

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