Level 1 Medication Administration Training and Expectations

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I do not currently carry certification, have never completed the State of Missouri Department of Mental Health Level 1 Medical Administration (L1 MA) class or I am still waiting for the HR Department to verify my outside certification. Until one of these steps has been completed, I understand that under NO circumstances should I pass any medications to any client or consumer of Behavior Intervention Services.

Further, by signing & initialing below, I acknowledge that I must attend and pass the two-day certification class before I am certified in L1 MA or that my current L1 MA certification has been verified.

It is my responsibility to do the following:

  1. Know that I cannot be alone with a client at any time on shift. I must be aware if medication needs to be administered during my shift and secure another certified staff member of my team to administer those medications to my client during my shift times until I am certified.
  2. In the event it’s approved for me to work while awaiting L1 MA certification, I must contact HR Department to sign up for the next available class times to attend the two-day training for Medical Administration before I have reached 30 days of hire.
  3. I understand that failure to attend, cancel a scheduled class in less than 24 hours, or failure of the L1 MA class test will make me ultimately responsible for the current fee associated with the class and that my next available paycheck may be deducted for the cost of the class (see training repayment policy).
  4. When it is time to renew my L1 MA certification, I must contact the HR Training Coordinator to sign up for an available class before my certification lapses (every 2 years). If I fail to recertify the class before my expiration date, the cost of the class will follow the Employee Training policy.

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in corrective actions up to and including immediate removal from teams and/or termination from my position.

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