Employee Resources

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New Hire Documents and Various Policies

*Due to security purposes all completed forms must be submitted in person, with valid identification, to the BIS Metro office before any changes will be effective. Contact HR or Payroll Department at 314-395-9375 with any questions regarding this process.

Mandt Training

Mandt Systems training is a required annual recert that consists of a written test over Chapters 1-3 and a Physical Skills testing which must be completed by signing up for any upcoming Mandt class by contacting the office and reserving your spot in the class. The Physical Skills portion of any class takes place during the second half of any scheduled class, therefore, you would only need to attend the class from that point forward.

You may recertify up to SIX MONTHS in advance of your current expiration date. You must complete this training prior to your current expiration date or the following will occur:

  1. You will not be allowed to work with any clients that have a specific Mandt requirement to their BSP, which may negate you from working any ongoing shifts.
  2. You will be required to attend the full 8 hour certification class PRIOR to returning to an active status.

Please use the files below to prepare for your Mandt Re-certification. Testing out of these 3 chapters is only available to employees who hold a current Mandt Certification through the agency and attendance at the physical portion of the training is mandatory.