BIS Communicable Disease (COVID-19) Precaution Acknowledgement

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Attention: Behavior Intervention Services Employees: as we move into the next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic BIS remains committed to everyone’s health and well-being. Here are some things we are implementing to help keep our workplace safe and to support you:

  1. Wash your hands at the beginning and end of every shift upon entering a residence (ISL or Natural Home).
  2. Keep your work area clean by using disinfectant cleaner at the beginning and end of your shift.
  3. All BIS Employees are responsible for self-monitoring and reporting symptoms of COVID-19 according to the most recent CDC COVID-19 symptoms list.
  4. Employees who have a fever, report, or appear symptomatic may be sent home and advised to contact their health care provider.
  5. Clients displaying symptoms should be reported to the site supervisor.

Frequent cleaning and sanitizing in all BIS locations (including client residences). The lobby area, restrooms, the kitchen, and frequently used area and office equipment is sanitized three times per day.

Office managers are responsible for cleaning and sanitizing their private and shared office spaces.

Access to hand sanitizer throughout the workplace. There is soap and paper towels at all locations. There is hand sanitizer located at the entrance, training room, and clinic entrances. Please use them upon entering the office space and when needed.

Hand washing stations and hand sanitizers may differ upon location. Please familiarize yourself with these locations before each shift.

BIS encourages its employees and visitors to practice physical distancing as much as possible throughout all locations. All employees, visitors, and clients should practice proper sneezing and coughing etiquette.

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