1:1 Staffing Agreement and Responsibilities as a Direct Support Professional

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After consultation with the administration at the Department of Mental Health, we have received clarification on the nature of providing Behavior Therapy and Direct Support Services to consumers of families with multiple children.

BI and DS services are at a ratio of one-on-one. The Department of Mental Health’s definition of our contracts state that services provided in anything other than this ratio is a violation of that client’s Person Centered Plan, state guidelines and the state and agency policies.

The DSP billing for services provided will only be paid out if the environment satisfies the one-on-one ratio and if the service provided is in a therapeutic environment i.e., in their home or in a community based activity that is clearly defined in their BSP and/or POP.

If there are additional children in the home during day or afternoon service times, there must be either 1) an adult or guardian present or 2) the additional children are of an age that they are responsible for themselves in their entirety included but not limited to: toileting, diapering, feeding/meal prep, bathing, ability to handle emergency situations, etc.

In the event that overnight services have been requested for a consumer, there must be another responsible individual in the home to care for any other person or child in that home that cannot provide their own care including but not limited to: feeding/meal prep, toileting, diapering, hygiene, medication administration, mobility, transport, emergency situations, etc.

The DSP will only be responsible for the billable consumers needs as stated in their current Behavior support or Individualized Support Plan (BSP or ISP). Under no circumstances will a DSP be responsible for another child’s care in the home including but not limited to feeding, waking, toileting, diapering, hygiene, homework, curfew, transport or emergency situations, etc. Any violation or deviation from one-on-one care will result in misuse of funds and may not be billed to this agency.

The DSP will be responsible for reporting any requests or violations of this policy to their Site Supervisor and Human Resources Department for investigation and review. Misuse of funds could lead to the loss of consumer services as well as disciplinary action and/or termination of any DSP found in violation of this policy.

Additionally, it is important to note that while the DSP should not be responsible for any additional children present in the home of our clients, it is equally important that the DSP not attempt to provide support to their own children during times in which they are supporting and billing hours to a BIS client. Personal errands or taking a client to the employee’s home for any reason without prior approval from a supervisor is strictly prohibited. Employee’s found violating this agreement will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

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