The ISL contact link is below.  The Assistant Manager should be contacted for any client or home issues. 


Other ISL Contacts are below.

Berly, Financial Director & Benefits Coordinator:; 314-395-9375 ext. 1020

  • Client ledgers, spending, and transaction documentation for any ISL client
  • Available benefits, enrollment, cancellation, or changes 
  • Anniversary letter responses
  • Agency-issued credit cards (management)

Lauren, ISL Scheduling Manager:; 314-624-8416

  • Any time you have questions about your work schedule posted on 
  • Any time relief staff is late 
  • Any time you’ll be late or need to leave your scheduled shift 
  • Any time you’re unable to make it to a scheduled shift 
  • If you’re interested in pick up additional hours 
  • If you want information on changing your work schedule or location 
  • An employee does not have a vehicle available 
  • RTO or PTO request 

Mary Wild, Payroll/Billing Manager; 314-395-9375 ext. 1060

  • Paycheck questions
  • Problems with Paycor log in