Home Based Intervention

Through Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), social skills therapies, and other proven teaching methodologies Behavior Intervention Services works with children and adults with autism in their home environments, providing comprehensive and professional service to maximize any  individual’s potential. Our objective with home-based services is to strike a balance in the home for families through skillful and compassionate intervention services. Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts and professionally trained Personal Care Assistant staff strive to provide a link between home programs, therapies provided at school or day programing and any other services or programs that a client may participate in.

Through the assessment, interview and therapeutic  process our Behavior Analyst and staff work with the clients and families that we support to ensure that the services provided are at a level that is both effective and comfortable for all involved. We work everyday to empower and educate the families that we serve. It is with caring, compassion and the most up to date clinical and educational information available that we are able to offer all whom we serve unparalleled  support and service.

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Our Services
Founded in 2004, Behavior Intervention Services provides a variety of services, including:
  • Behavior Assessment and Therapy across all environments
  • Personal Care Services
  • Community Integration
  • Parent and Staff Training
  • Discrete Trial Training
  • Individualized Supported Living Services
  • Individual and Family Counseling
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