Community Based Instructions

BIS promotes direct involvement in the community for all  individuals. Our community-based instruction method includes developing and implementing appropriate instruction that encourages independence and safety within a participants community. Our trained Community Specialists develop a ‘calendar of events’ for each participant that includes appropriate, enriching and educational opportunities. These opportunities are selected based upon a participants preferences, community offerings and monetary availability. There is also a constantly revolving calendar or free events and opportunities for social interaction at the Behavior Intervention Services office. Events can always be found on the Events section of our website!

With patience, care and support we strive to make the most of each community outing! Our trained and experienced staff work with individuals on social skill acquisition and development, self-help and vocational skills, safety issues and behavior management.

Community outings and social events can induce anxiety in even the most adjusted individual! With compassion and the understanding that  improvements are typically not made overnight, our staff work one on one with each client to ensure their safety and comfort are not compromised as they are introduced to new and exciting opportunities.

“Making a true difference in a life is one vehicle by which we create memories that last a lifetime.” Byron Pulsifer