Online Trainings

We’re glad you’re a part of BIS! We hope your time with us is positive and that you feel adequately trained as you begin working in the field. To help ensure this happens, all employees must complete the following online modules. Furthermore, we encourage you to return to these online modules any time you have any question about these topics.

Please take your time completing each of the following. When you’re finished with each, you will receive a confirmation email. Please keep those emails for your records.

Modules may be completed on a personal computer or smartphone. Formats for each include: webpage, video, and PDF slides. Need a PDF viewer? Click here to download Adobe Acrobat on your computer. (Mobile devices should have a PDF reader installed already. If not please search your app store. There are many free options.)

Online Training Modules

Contained within the table below are all required training modules, which must be completed at the start of employment and once per year onward. After completing each module, the answers will be sent to the HR Department to be graded. If you do not pass with an 80% or more, you will be contacted to retake the test. (Only one retake allowed per module.) If you pass a module, your scores will be recorded for your file but you will not be contacted with a confirmation of the passing grade.




Description Study Material Requirement
Abuse and Neglect Training Test
Bloodborne Pathogens Training Test
Confidentiality N/A Pledge
Driver’s Safety Training Training Test

Medicare Parts C and D Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

HIPAA Training Test
Observe, Record, and Report Training Test
Seizure Training Acknowledgement
Policy & Procedure Training
(7 parts in 1 file)
Health Inventory N/A Test
Employee Handbook N/A Acknowledgement
HCBS Training
(4 parts in 1 file)


  • The comprehensive policy & procedure quiz must be completed and passed (80% or more) in order to work in the field.
  • Failure to pass the HCBS quiz with a 100% score will result in an additional requirement to attend a class about this information.
  • All items accessed through this link or the BIS website will be submitted to the HR Department once you hit the ‘Submit’ button.  You will not receive a grade for your test UNLESS you fail to pass with the minimum requirement of 80%.  At that point, you will be given ONE ADDITIONAL chance to pass the test with an 80% or better. A second failing grade will result in disciplinary action under the agency’s progressive disciplinary policies (current employees) and/or a retraction of the offer of employment and continuation in orientation week (newly hired applicants).

Any questions regarding these forms should be directed to the HR Department (314-395-9375).