Seizure Training Acknowledgment

Many of our consumers have seizure monitoring protocols in place due to either having active seizure occurrences or a history of seizures. 

Due to this reason, BIS wanted to remind all employees of some safety precautions that should be utilized while your consumer is taking a shower/bath. Please encourage all consumers with a seizure history to take a shower. It takes very little water to drown, so a seizure while taking a bath can be fatal. If the consumer insists on taking a bath, then staff need to be present in the bathroom at all times. 

If the consumer states they don’t want the staff in the bathroom with them due to privacy reasons, then staff need to contact their RQMs so the issue can be discussed with the consumer’s guardian. And if needed, Due Process will be sought. 

Until that time, any consumer who doesn’t want their staff in the bathroom with them while they are taking a bath, will sit just outside the bathroom door and will verbally ask if the client is ok every 5mins. At the first sign of any distress, staff will enter the bathroom to ensure the safety of the consumer.

During a shower, staff will check on the consumer every 10mins. 

If at any time someone has a question regarding this protocol, please feel free to contact your supervisors, Sarah Ramsey or Michelle Pelate.

Seizure Training

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