Employee Recognition / BIS Bucks!

BIS Bucks

  • (Leave at 1 unless you are HR or a Director.)

What’s this about? How’s it work?

The BIS Bucks system is our way of allowing our staff and supervisors a quick way to say “Thank you” and “Way to Go!” for any and all deeds that coincide with our CORE Values of Compassion, Honesty, Commitment and High Standards.

Each employee can nominate up to 5 times monthly, 15 times per quarter (Supervisors have 7 / 21, respectively)

To utilize the system:

  1. Choose the recipient’s name from the drop down list provided.
  2. Choose the CORE Value that you feel best defines why you are recognizing them today.
  3. Add your words of appreciation, encouragement or just something fun. (We LOVE funny quotes!)
  4. Each time you nominate, your recipient will be given 1 BIS BUCK
  5. Accumulate BUCKs for grandiose prizes, lavish trips and outrageous fortune (ok, ok, that is completely false…but you can turn them in for great gift cards to the store of your choice. Contact Hiring Manager Lisa Arnett via email for additional information regarding your balance and available electronic gift cards)
  6. Bask in the glory of your great deed, your co-workers awesomeness and everyone’s charm and good looks!
  7. Repeat as appropriate.